Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing to an Order Fulfillment Company

Your business is flourishing, and you can hardly keep up. You continually pick fast selling products that keep your company in demand. Your marketing has paid off again and again in convincing consumers they need your product, and that your product is the only one that will do. The sales keep coming in, and there is no end in sight. A great problem to have, isn't it? But what do you do about warehousing and about actually delivering product when you're already working 10 to 15 hours a day? Outsource to an order fulfillment company.

You can ask yourself a few simple questions to be sure you are a good candidate for order fulfillment.

* What type of product are you selling?
* Can it be mass-produced and stored?
* Who are you selling to: individual consumers, retailers, chains?
* Do you find you are consistently delivering product, or do you have heavy and drier seasons?

Order fulfillment companies are well-rounded partners in your enterprise. They can take the load off during heavy shipping seasons, or provide year-round support. They can warehouse large quantities of your product for quick dispersal. Do you often have expedited orders? Order fulfillment companies can provide a faster turn-around because they only handle product. With specialized software and organization procedures, order fulfillment will ease your load and will allow you to expend all of your efforts on marketing and selling more products.

An order fulfillment company can offer printing support services, and will provide you with much more time for marketing. They will print the labels, be responsible for shipping, provide customer support, and warehouse product. Effective order fulfillment will yield happy customers, which in turn, become return customers.

If you've decided that order fulfillment might be right for your business, please consider Small Business Warehousing as one of your options. Contact us by phone or email for a quick, hassle-free quote.